Van Alstyne police officer helps abandoned man on journey home

Published: Oct. 13, 2020 at 10:02 PM CDT
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A Van Alstyne police officer responded a call about a man left stranded soliciting money at a Kwik Check by Highway 75 and Van Alstyne Parkway Monday.

When officer Jeffrey Rabb arrived at the Kwik Check the man was “visibly upset” and told Rabb he was riding with a woman on her way to a job interview in Van Alstyne when he got out of the car to ask for money for gas and the woman drove off.

“I said ‘hey man how can I help you?’,” Rabb said. “The whole situation leading up to her leaving him behind didn’t come up. That wasn’t necessarily the issue at hand, the issue at hand was that he was left behind without anyway back home.”

Rabb said the man asked him for water and asked if there was a shelter of any kind near by.

“Then he said he had family back in Indianapolis,” Rabb said. “So instead of just dropping him off at a shelter with no funds, no phone, no food anything like that the best action would be to get him back to where his familial support is.”

Rabb went to the ATM and took out $200-plus for a Greyhound bus ticket and gave him the money for food and water. Then he drove him to the bus stop in Sherman and saw him off on his way home for the 3:30 pm ride that day.

“That was going to be a 25 hour bus ride for him,” Rabb said.

“I hope that officer and his family get due credit for him showing some compassion when people are throwing rocks at them and talking about defunding them and everything," said Tony Mitchell, a Prosper man.

“Whenever you hear stories like that I think it just gives you a little bit of hope that there are individuals or people that are willing to help other people and are willing to make the world a bit of a better place," said Cameron Richards, a Van Alstyne man.

Rabb said the man was supposed to arrive home in Indianapolis around 6 pm Tuesday.

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