Austin College student recovering from COVID-19

Published: Oct. 19, 2020 at 7:16 PM CDT
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DENISON, Texas (KXII) - An Austin College student recently in critical condition with COVID-19 is now getting ready to leave the hospital to recover. His family calls it a miracle.

Just one month ago, 21-year-old Chris Miller was fighting for his life at Texoma Medical Center, where he’s been since August 31st.

“Things had started to take a turn for the worse before it got better. They were still saying 50/50 chance," said Miller’s sister Honoria Bush.

Bush says his lungs were bleeding and there wasn’t much left that doctors could do.

“The pulmonologist did the last cryotherapy, freezing that area to pull out a lot of clots. And that night he had a change, he had a turn. I call it a miracle," said Bush.

Bush says the hospital did everything they could to help her brother, and it’s showing in his recovery.

“Sometimes he needs oxygen, but he is now off the ventilator. On my birthday, October 16th, Friday, he got the trach taken out," said Bush.

With visitation restrictions and Miller’s family living in Dallas, hospital staff have helped them be part of every small victory.

“When he was on the walker, walking down the hallway people were videoing and helping my mom video him doing that because that’s something that the family can’t see physically," said Bush.

With going home on the horizon, Miller has been able to see and talk with his family.

“He wants y’all to know he’s doing the breathing on his own. He’s talking. He’s walking with a walker, and like I said the left side is, he does have the tremors. The progress is just amazing," said Bush.

He will go home to continue rehab.

“COVID does not discriminate at all. My brother just had minor asthma, he hadn’t even had an exacerbation in a few years," said Bush.

Miller and his family say they can’t thank everyone enough for all the continued support.

“There was just so much love, people we don’t even know like alumni of Austin College have written letters, have donated. Just all this overwhelming love that you know you don’t expect sometimes," said Bush.

A GoFundMe was started for Chris to help him with medical bills.

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