Texoma Walmart hosts drive-in movie theater

You may have noticed dozens of cars parked outside the Walmart
Published: Oct. 20, 2020 at 11:07 PM CDT
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DENISON, Texas (KXII) - Walmart Super-centers across the nation hosted a movie night, complete with big screen, snacks and social distancing.

Since August, Walmart’s Drive-in Movie Theater has been touring the country- with two stops in Texoma; Sherman and Denison.

“Oh it’s neat! They’ve got back to the future playing at the drive in!" said customer David Fowler.

The idea is simple: to bring families and friends a little closer during the pandemic.

“In the middle of this pandemic we can all come together, with Walmart’s support" Folwer said. "We’ve got the Delorean back here, Back to the Future is such a huge hit- it’s exciting!”

Customers were parked 6 feet apart, and masks were required when leaving the vehicles.

“He’s never been to a drive through before, so we thought we’d bring him up here and hope that he likes it! Something from our childhood!” said Christie and her family.

Tuesday night’s movie: the timeless 80′s hit film, Back to the Future.

“It’s such an iconic piece of film history, it’s not very often you get to be this close to something this iconic- if that’s the right word for it I suppose” Fowler said.

Movie fan and vintage movie prop builder, Robert Moseley, drove up from Dallas, in his authentic Delorean car.

“I’ve worked with Walmart many times. The first gig I ever got was in 2004 and it was with Walmart. So, they’ve been really good to me. They (Walmart) love back to the Future! They sell a lot of Back to the Future DVDs, and I like helping them do it with this car.” Moseley said.

He said he loves sharing his work with different people, and hopes it can bring a smile to everyone’s face.

“We’re glad to bring it out here, so everyone can enjoy it. It transcends the generations, no matter how old you are. Whether you’re four, 40 or 80, everyone loves Back to the Future.” Moseley said.

Wednesday night, the Lego Movie will be playing at 7:30 p.m. at the Denison Walmart Parking lot.

Tickets are free, by clicking here.

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