CAUGHT ON VIDEO: Man harasses women holding ‘Honk for Biden’ sign

Published: Oct. 28, 2020 at 12:00 AM CDT
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FITTSTOWN, Oklahoma (KXII) - The Pontotoc County Sheriff said a warrant could be issued soon for a man who confronted a group of women holding ‘Honk for Biden’ picket signs on Saturday.

Shawn Hunley of Ada captured the video on her cell phone as the altercation unfolded.

Hunley said she and a group of women driving from town to town in Pontotoc County, taking pictures with Biden campaign signs.

She said they stopped in Fittstown that morning, when they were approached by a man in a white semi truck.

The Pontotoc County Sheriff identifies the man in the video as Rowdy Veal.

“He put on his horn, and I just started video recording” Hunley said.

“They wanted people to honk, so what better way than my air horn?" said Veal.

Veal told News 12, he didn’t appreciate new people coming to Fittstown to campaign.

“These people weren’t from here. Why are you here? You’re coming into my town, and causing a problem” he said.

Hunley says she’s been active in politics her entire life, but never had an encounter like this.

“I’ve never experienced this ever." Hunley said. "I’ve never been cussed out, or cussed at, or anything threatening before, ever.”

Veal referrers to the video.

“Once I see that they’re all women, I stepped back. Because, they had masks on- I had no idea.” Veal said.

Standing face-to-face with Veal, is 17-year-old Elizabeth Acree.

“I was terrified." Acree said. "You probably can’t see in the video, but my knees were shaking like mad.”

Acree is a high school student who is learning how to get involved in politics on the local level.

She said she didn’t know what to do, so she stood still.

“I figured, if I back down he’s just going to get more, aggressive, and the last thing I want to do is escalate the situation.” Acree said.

Veal told News 12 he spoke with deputies Tuesday, and filed his own report with the sheriff’s office.

The sheriff said the entire incident report is not finished yet, but they will likely issue an arrest warrant for Veal, for assault and battery.

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