Victim from Coleman fatal crash shares her story, calls for justice

Published: Oct. 28, 2020 at 7:09 PM CDT
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COLEMAN, Okla. (KXII) - A Coleman woman is calling for justice after her husband of 42 years died in her arms in a car crash last week. It happened in a police chase, and she shares exactly what was taken from her family.

“Well the pain’s awful bad from the brakes, but it’s worse from a broken heart. Half of my heart’s gone," said Verna Trammell, wife of Glen David Trammell.

Verna and her husband who went by David, were married for 42 years.

“One of the biggest hearted people you’d ever know. Of course his best job was papa. That was his pride and joy was going watching them kids," said Trammell.

Together they raised 3 kids and 5 grandkids. She says David was hard-working; a protector.

“We kept trying to get him to retire. I think he just loved me too much he was gonna make sure I had his insurance as long as I could cause I have a lot of help problems and he made sure I was taken care of," said Trammell.

In his 70s, David worked 2 jobs every day.

“We were on our second job delivering meds to nursing homes. We were on our way home from Decatur, Texas when we got hit," said Trammell.

Early last week Thursday, they were just 5 miles from home when their path crossed the pursuit coming from Durant. They saw police lights in the distance and tried to turn off highway 48 onto 48A. That’s when they were hit.

“And when I opened my eyes again I was holding Dave. He was over me, over the console. When I was holding David I felt him leave me. He left me when I was holding him. I felt him go," said Trammell.

David died at the scene. Verna and the suspect, Shawn Baumgardner were flown to a Plano hospital with injuries.

“It just hurt my heart to hear him yelling about being hurt when my husband was dead," said Trammell.

Baumgardner is now in Johnston County Jail for first degree murder, felony eluding and possession of a stolen vehicle.

“I want this guy prosecuted, everything they can throw at him I want it thrown at him. He took from me, he took from my girls and worst of all he took from my grandbabies," said Trammell.

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