How to stay healthy and safe while voting

Published: Nov. 2, 2020 at 5:42 PM CST
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SHERMAN, Texas (KXII) - Tuesday polls will be open, and with COVID-19, voting is just one more thing that will look different this year.

Emergency physician at Trusted ER Dr. Suman Choudhury said because turnout for this year’s election is predicted to be very high, people should be cautious.

“The problem is most of this virus is transmitted via person to person so it’s usually air droplets, so an increased amount of people in one environment, a close environment, you get more transmission," Choudhury said.

He said voters should be mindful of everything they touch.

“Keep in mind that this virus is a sticky virus so in surface contact you can pick it up in your hands from touching the doorknob, polling site pens," Choudhury said.

He recommends the usual precautions such as keeping your mask on the whole time and staying six feet from other voters.

He said it is smart to wash or sanitize your hands before and after voting.

“Using a regular hand sanitizer is good because this virus is very susceptible to any concentration of alcohol more than 62 percent, which most hand sanitizers have that," Choudhury said.

Grayson County Elections Administrator Deana Patterson said they are taking their own precautions to keep voters safe.

Voters and election workers are required to wear masks, and election equipment and sites are frequently sanitized.

She said voters also get a glove when they come in, and throw it away after they are done.

Choudhury said now is not the time to let your guard down.

“There are some people who react very badly, and this virus is a vicious virus to certain people," Choudhury said.

There are 25 locations where anyone registered to vote in Grayson County can go.

A full list of polling places can be found here.

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