Durant extending COVID-19 state of emergency

Published: Nov. 10, 2020 at 10:32 PM CST
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Durant, Oklahoma (KXII) -

The city of Durant extended their state of emergency due to COVID-19 through Dec. 9.

Durant City Manager John Dean said it was “one of the most important things for the city” as the number of cases in Bryan County continue to rise.

“They do it every month. That’s how they’ve done it since we started,” Dean said. “You could do it for a longer period of time but the situation is very fluid, you don’t know what’s going to happen.”

Durant has been in a state of emergency since March as the pandemic has persisted. As of Tuesday night, Bryan County had 410 active cases of COVID-19, which is the highest active count in all of Texoma.

The city stopped short of implementing a mask mandate and Dean said though the number of cases of the virus are increasing in their area “they’re not out of control.”

“I don’t think we’re seeing a significant increase in reality if you look at numbers compared Bryan County to McCurtain County,” Dean said. “We’re still below where McCurtain County is and we’re significantly more populous than they are.”

McCurtain County has 239 active cases with a 2.22 percent death rate.

Bryan County has recorded 16 COVID related deaths and has a death rate of .79 percent.

Despite the numbers citizens of Durant said there isn’t much of an emergency in their eyes.

“Not in Durant, no,” said Randall Kirkland, a Durant man. “I ain’t had not problems with (how the city has handled it).”

“They don’t have too many strict mandates in terms of masks except for Lowe’s and Walmart,” said Khristen Pierce. “I personally don’t want a mandatory mask mandate. I don’t enjoy wearing the mask. I do wear it just for the protection of others and for the protection of others that come in my store I will.”

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