City of Durant cracking down on bulk trash and brush piles

Published: Nov. 16, 2020 at 10:48 PM CST
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DURANT, Oklahoma (KXII) - The city of Durant says they’re cracking down on bulk trash and brush, being left outside homes.

It’s an ordinance that’s been in place for decades, but the city plans to start enforcing it going forward.

City Community Development members told News 12 they’ve even called in police officers to be on the look out piles of trash in Durant neighborhoods.

"It’s bad all over town. North-side, south-side, both sides- it has become an issue. " City of Durant code enforcement officer John Jackson said.

Starting Monday November 16, the City of Durant will begin enforcing their Health Nuisances ordinance.

“One person sees it (trash) and puts it out, and the next person sees that and thinks ‘oh it must be time, I’ll put mine out’ and the chain keeps going.” Jackson said.

Anyone with bulk trash sitting outside their home could potentially run into issues with the city.

“If it’s not removed within 24 hours, then it will be abated, which means that a contractor will come by from the city, and they’ll pick up that brush, and that money that they’re being charged, will go on your utility bill.” said Community Development director Durant Danielle Barker.

After being notified by the city to remove the trash, you will have a full day to get rid of it.

But, if you decide to just leave it there, it will then be considered an offense.

Code Enforcement Officer John Jackson said you could get a fine, and it could break the bank, especially right now during the holidays.

“It could be up to 40 dollars, to $300 dollars. So, they will notice that on their water bill.” Jackson said.

Barker said the goal of the ordinance is not to get people in trouble.

“And more of a health issue than anything, if there’s breeding of mice or rats or even mosquitoes that’s going to cause health issues for the citizens alone” Barker said.

She said the trash piles pose a treat to the health of people in the neighborhood.

“They have options of being able to get rid of it, so we’re just trying to make sure they know that, while also making sure we keep the city clean and we don’t have any health issues as well” Barker said.

If you have more bulk trash that you’re trying to get rid of, the city does have an Extra Haul Policy, where you can schedule with Durant’s sanitation department.

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