Roller derby league coming to Sherman

Published: Dec. 18, 2020 at 11:55 AM CST
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SHERMAN, Texas (KXII) - If you’re looking for a new activity in Sherman look no further than the woman’s roller derby league coming to town soon.

News 12′s Stan Smith laced up a pair of skates to see what the buzz was about.

Skaters Lindsey Manley and Missy Weaver are starting a women’s roller derby league right here in Sherman, and today, they are going to show us what their favorite sport is all about.

“I’m Lindsey Manley whenever I’m in my professional life, but when I’m on the rink, I’m ‘Paranomal Smack-tivety’,” Manley said.

Manley and Weaver have many years of skating in roller derby leagues under their belts ... and wanted bring the action to Texoma.

“So Lindsey, how would you describe roller derby for someone who doesn’t know anything about it like myself?”

“So roller derby is very fast-paced, action-filled, family-friendly, hard-hitting sport. Its fun and really unique. There is no other sport like it really,” Manley said.

“We both love it so much, and it brings a whole bunch of women together from all different genres and places. It’s impowering, we just really wanted these girls to get together and hit other girls,” Missy Weaver said.

After sharing the word of this league over a month ago they had a surprising turnout for their first meeting.

“About 50-60 girls showed up to that and we’re really pleased with that, and since then they told their friends, more people found out. Our group has 120 people,” Manley said.

Their goal is to start practice in the spring and then begin their competitions at the end of next year.

Beyond that they want the women who join the league to inspire others, like it inspired them.

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