Second grader rushes to help choking cousin after a lanyard gets caught around her neck

Published: Dec. 17, 2020 at 10:16 PM CST
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PAULS VALLEY, Okla. (KXII) - A Pauls Valley girl was rescued last week when her lanyard, a cord or a strap to hold a facemask, wrapped around her neck left her hanging on playground equipment.

“Really scary, I’m really happy that Jagger helped me before I got hurt really bad,” said eight-year-old Bailey Loper, a Jackson Elementary School student.

Loper was in the middle of playing tag with her cousin, eight-year-old Jagger Scott last Thursday when the accident happened. She said it felt like a minute before Jagger rushed in.

“Bailey jumped off and her lanyard got onto a pole and it was choking her,” Jagger said, “I climbed up there and ripped it off.”

Chris Scott, Jagger’s dad said Bailey was left with a large bruise around her neck.

“It’s pretty graphic, I wanted to make awareness of how dangerous it was because I had no clue. I never knew what the things were, much less the chance of someone hanging themselves by it,” Scott said.

Scott said Pauls Valley Public Schools provide breakaway lanyards for students so they can keep a face mask nearby. But for Bailey, she brought her own from home.

“This one was completely tethered, it was not a breakaway type and like I said most parents weren’t aware of it at all,” Scott said.

Bailey’s mom, Renee Loper said the bruising has faded, and she hopes other parents realize the danger of something as simple as a lanyard can pose.

“I’m happy she’s home, I’m so happy she came home. I was just concerned for her well being than anything else,” said Loper.

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