Hunter Super Techs gives Healdton family heat for the winter

Published: Dec. 23, 2020 at 6:33 PM CST
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HEALDTON, Okla. (KXII) - On Wednesday, Hunter Super Techs installed several heating and air units to families in need around Oklahoma for free- just in time for Christmas and cold weather.

One recipient, Kimberly Boggs, said it’s probably the best thing that’s happened all year long.

Boggs hasn’t had heat in her home since Halloween.

“The first cold snap that we had, it wouldn’t come on,” Boggs said. “It was a little chilly.”

Her friend Robyn Matthews saw on Facebook that Hunter Super Techs was giving out H-VAC units.

“It was just recently after I had learned that she was cold and that her system had broken,” Matthews said.

So she filled out the paperwork for Boggs, and hours later got a call back.

“It was hard to keep it a secret,” Matthews said.

“Every year we take nominations for folks that are in a situation where they need a fix for a heating and air system but they don’t have the means necessarily to pay a lot of money for it,” Hunter Super Techs Comfort Adviser John Shirley said.

Hunter Super Techs has been giving families in need H-VAC units for nine years now. This Christmas they gave away four.

The company chose Boggs and called Matthews to ask for her help in surprising Boggs.

“She just thought that the committee was here to meet with her and talk to her again, and look at this system and stuff. She had no idea that she had won,” Matthews said. “So it was so exciting.”

Boggs said she thought they were there to discuss the old H-VAC more.

“I thought [they’d] fix it-at best, if I was lucky,” Boggs said.

“Instead, we pulled up with our trailer and we have a brand new heating and air system that we’re installing for her today in her home,” Shirley said.

It takes about three or four hours to install the system.

“By the end of today she’s going to have a wonderful warm home again,” Shirley said.

“I’m just so grateful. This never would have happened on my own,” Boggs said. “This is absolutely amazing.”

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