Ardmore police searching for suspect in shooting on 9th Ave.

Published: Dec. 28, 2020 at 6:09 PM CST
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ARDMORE, Okla. (KXII) - A man drove to the 200 block of 9th Ave NE and fired one shot into another man’s arm before driving away on Wednesday morning around 11:00.

The victim was taken to Mercy ER and released soon afterwards.

Ardmore Police investigator Juan Galicia said the department does not believe the shooting is connected to any other shootings in the area.

“We think this one was just kind of an isolated incident at this point,” Galicia said.

Galicia said they haven’t figured out why it happened yet.

“Like most of the shootings we’ve been having recently, we haven’t had full cooperation from either the victim or the parties involved,” Galicia said.

APD worked with other witnesses and used surveillance video from a nearby home.

“In a stressful situation sometimes people don’t know how to process that information and relay that to us,” Galicia said.

Galicia said APD does have a suspect, but they haven’t found him yet.

“Our plan is to get a warrant pushed through for him,” Galicia said.

Galicia said once that happens, it will be easier for APD or another agency to find him.

“Once the victim realized we knew a little more than maybe what he thought we did, he started to become a little more cooperative,” Galicia said.

Galicia said people are hesitant to report suspicious activity, but if you see a shooting or something else suspicious, reporting it right away will help keep Ardmore safe.

“A lot of times just us showing up in the area will present something from happening.

Galicia said you can stay anonymous.

“If they don’t wanna release any info because of fear that somebody would try to retaliate or whatever, we understand that that is a concern,” Galicia said.

You report suspicious activity by calling the department or by using the Ardmore Police Tip411 app.

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