Beloved Denison coach recovering from his time with COVID-19

Beloved Denison community member recovers from COVID-19.
Beloved Denison community member recovers from COVID-19.(kxii)
Published: Dec. 28, 2020 at 6:30 PM CST
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SHERMAN, Texas (KXII) - Rayce Guess wants to inform his community the seriousness of COVID and how it affects all types of people.

Guess is a former Denison football coach and city councilman. He came down with COVID-19 the week before Christmas.

“My symptoms were mild but my fatigue was debilitating for a guy that works out everyday and trains people everyday to basically couldn’t do any normal activities without it draining me one hundred percent, ”Rayce Guess said.

He believes he caught the virus from his mother, who tested positive after a stint in the hospital.

“Thought well I’ll just get tested just to be safe but low and behold I had it as well,” Guess said.

He said it was his Christmas miracle that his mom did not show any symptoms and is back to her normal life in the nursing home. His mom suffers from severe health complications already.

“Very very blessed and thankful that that happened now. For her age of 89 and for that to happen is just amazing and the best Christmas gift I could get,” Guess said.

So now that he is feeling better, Guess is playing it safe.

“If my fatigue doesn’t come back today then I know me I’ll be jumping to the bits to get out and do stuff but I want to make sure that I’m gonna be completely free of the ability to spread it,” Guess said.

He said getting his life back to normal is all he wants, but he refuses to put people in danger. He is now waiting for test results, this time hopefully good news.

“It’s very humbling that people care enough to check up on me and check on me to make sure that I’m okay and I can’t thank them enough and sending enough love out to them and appreciation for all of them and all that they did for me,” Guess said.

Guess hopes his example of taking the virus seriously will catch on.

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