Parler suspended from Amazon, Google, Apple

Published: Jan. 11, 2021 at 6:57 PM CST
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ARDMORE, Okla. (KXII) - This weekend the social media app Parler was removed from Google and Apple’s app stores.

Amazon’s web hosting service stopped hosting the app.

Ardmore Resident Mena Mehan said she’s concerned about corporations policing free speech.

“The thing about Parlor just floors me,” Mehan said. ”And the reason behind it is we were all looking for a different place to go and voice our opinions and talk about what was happening and we’re all shocked as to what’s going on with the president. ”

President Trump was kicked off of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter last week. Mehan said that shocked her.

“It’s overboard, this thing with Pelosi and with everybody else,” Mehan said. “Cutting the president off of Twitter, that’s insane.”

In a statement, Twitter said Trump’s account was suspended due to the risk of further inciting violence.

Parler, a social media site and app that brands itself as the conservative alternative to Facebook and Twitter, prides itself as hosting free expression without censorship.

“You shouldn’t be harassed when you voice your opinion,” Mehan said.

Mehan said it worries her because she’s always been the kind of person to stick up for other’s rights.

“That’s what America’s about,” Mehan said. “Defending the right to everybody’s opinion or free speech.”

Mehan said she feels that differing opinions are shut down.

“You don’t side with that side, then you’re ostracized,” Mehan said. “We’ve lost freedom of speech. We can’t voice our opinions. We can’t get together whether we like each others opinions or not.”

Parler’s CEO said the app could stay offline for a week.

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