Texoma weighs in on MegaMillions as prize rises to $750 million, Powerball tops $550 million

Published: Jan. 15, 2021 at 9:11 PM CST
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The pot continues to grow for the MegaMillions jackpot at $750 million as of Friday night, the top prize for the Powerball is now $550.6 million.

Tickets start at only $2 and Sherman residents, like Jeremy Keith, took their shot at the big prize.

“Sometimes I play but I usually only play if it gets real high. If it gets really high and tonight I got four picks,” Keith said.

Winning the big bucks would put Keith, and really anyone, on easy street.

“I just bought a house I’ll pay it off and then I’ll put some money up for the kids for college and just enjoy the rest of it,”Keith said.

The estimated cash option for Friday’s MegaMillion drawing was $550.6 million and for the Powerball the cash option is $411.4 million.

Match six numbers and it will change your life.

“A little bit of comfort in a time of great hardship,” Mike Freeman said. “I actually bought one. I normally don’t but when it gets up to a prize that big I try to participate. It would definitely put me in a permanent residence, a place to live, something like that.”

John Stevens said he’s feeling lucky about his chances even though those chances are one in 302.5 million.

“Right now I’m living at a hotel and it would help me get a house and a decent vehicle to drive,” Stevens said. “All it takes is one ticket and it could change your life and change other people’s lives if you want to.”

Stevens said with that much money he’d share the wealth with those who most deserve it.

“If I win that actually, believe it or not I’d actually help people out,” Stevens said. “I’d help the homeless and the vets and the thin blue line, I’d help them out.”

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