Texas Tech Dr. says COVID-19 lungs are worse than any other lungs she has seen

Published: Jan. 19, 2021 at 10:42 PM CST
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SHERMAN, Texas (KXII) -A Texas Tech University Dr. has recently come out with a study saying that COVID-19 lungs are more worse than smoker lungs.

“What we know right now is that there are specific receptors all over your body but they really congregate in the lungs,” Texas Tech University Trauma Surgeon Dr. Brittany Bankhead- Kendall said.

Dr. Bankhead-Kendall said COVID-19 lungs are worse than any other lungs she has seen.

“In my own patients that I’ve seen even people who have not had any shortness of breathe or any cough ever but had a positive test a month, two months, several months ago we definitely have still seen those people pop up with abnormal chest X-Rays or new collapsed lungs or new clotted off lungs,” Dr. Bankhead-Kendall said.

She said that the vast majority of her patients that have received a positive COVID test have an abnormal chest X-Ray.

“As time goes on we’ve started to notice that that can sometimes lead to long term dense scaring,” Dr. Bankhead-Kendall said.

But Covid doesn’t affect just the lungs.

“We’ve seen COVID affect every part of the body,” Dr. Bankhead-Kendall said.

Former North Central Texas College Volleyball player, Breanna Crain still has some problems from her time with COVID, seven months ago.

“I also feel like I have had some problems with remembering and thinking clearly. To this day I feel like I still have brain fog,” Crain said.

Crain suffers from Asthma and was scared how it would affect her health.

“I feel like it’s still taking a toll on me because I feel like I have to live my life differently than I did back then,” Crain said.

“It could absolutely be prevented by wearing a mask, getting the vaccine as soon as you can, social distancing, that is the best thing you could do to prevent this happening ever at all,” Dr. Bankhead-Kendall said.

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