Funeral homes busier than ever as COVID-19 death rates continue to rise

Published: Jan. 26, 2021 at 11:03 PM CST
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SHERMAN, Texas (KXII) - With COVID-19 death rates increasing, it’s leaving funeral homes busier than ever before.

Owner of Dannel Funeral Home in Sherman, Charles Dannel, said these past couple of weeks have been the busiest he has seen all pandemic.

“We have served more families in January than we had in any of the previous months since the pandemic started,” Dannel said.

Inside the chapel every other pew is marked off according to state mandate to maintain 50% capacity.

“We have had a lot less people, I’m talking across the board come to funerals with the pandemic going on than otherwise normally would,” Dannel said.

And when family and friends do attend, masks must be worn.

“There are people that do continue to attend but you can definitely see a tremendous difference with the number of people that are choosing not to come to events like that and to larger gatherings,” Dannel said.

Dannel Funeral Home has come up with ways to help gather people who choose not to attend in person.

“We have really strived hard to create options for family which is working with zoom or working with Facebook live. We have done more videoing of services than we ever have. Just in this short time of being in the middle of this pandemic,” Dannel said.

“I think it really has been positive that we’ve been able to in some ways reach out and include more people in the services than maybe in previous years,” Dannel said.

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