Water pump stations without power, frozen pipes causing many to lose water

Published: Feb. 15, 2021 at 11:04 PM CST
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DENISON, Texas (KXII) - Cities across Texoma are asking people to conserve water.

Thousands still without power on Monday night, and many with low water pressure or no water at all.

The city of Denison said the main pump station lost power on Monday morning.

The same thing happened at the water treatment plan in Sherman, but the city said it’s back on for now and it should be back to normal by Tuesday.

The city of Sherman issued a boil order Monday night.

They’re asking all customers to boil water prior to consumption for things like washing your hands and face, brushing your teeth, drinking, etc.

The city says customers will be notified when the boil water notice is no longer in effect, and can call City water control for any questions at 903-892-7258.

“When we woke up this morning and went to turn on the kitchen faucet, there was absolutely no water that came out,” said Jessica Wright, who lives in Denison and lost power and water.

She’s assuming their pipes are frozen, since the water is out throughout her house.

She says it’s been stressful with three kids at home, the youngest is two years old.

“And just the thought of having no electricity already, and then on top of that, no water to be able to cook or anything like that, it’s just a very big stresser for sure,” Wright said.

Ever since multiple pumps lost power in Denison, city spokesman Aaron Werner says they’ve been trying to find generators and thaw pipes.

The water treatment plant in Sherman lost power on Monday and with several water main breaks, hundreds were left without water.

They’re asking people to conserve water along with Anna, Lone Grove and Pottsboro, who gets their water from Denison.

“Think of any way you can to save multiple gallons of water at a time, we ask you to do that,” Werner said.

He says if you have water, save it for necessities like eating and drinking.

City officials say to reduce showers and baths, don’t wash dishes or use the dishwasher or laundry machines, and don’t flush toilets until necessary.

They do advise you to keep your faucets barely dripping, so your pipes don’t freeze.

Wright says they’ve been relying on bottled water, snacks and blankets.

“You know to kind of stay to where we have something to drink, something to eat and just basically just trying to keep ourselves warm with blankets,” Wright said.

Wright said they tried to stay in a hotel, but all were booked.

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