City of Sherman providing water for people still in need

The Sherman water treatment plant is pumping water again as of early Thursday morning.
Published: Feb. 18, 2021 at 6:21 PM CST
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SHERMAN, Texas (KXII) - The Sherman water treatment plant is pumping water again as of early Thursday morning.

It’s not yet at full capacity, but the city says they’re getting widespread reports of water coming back in several neighborhoods.

Thousands of Sherman residents haven’t heard the sound of running water in their homes in days.

“I mean we have bottled water, but again it takes about an hour and a half to melt enough snow to flush toilets,” said Elizabeth Keelan, in line to get water.

“Right now, we’re running out of the necessity water is what we’re running out of,” said Nena Lujan, in line to get water.

“No coffee, no showers, no shampoos, melting snow to flush the toilets,” said Hope Samworth, in line for water.

Melting snow for water has become a norm this week.

Since Wednesday, the city has given more than 800 cases of canned and bottled drinking water.

People have also been filling up containers for the past couple days at the Sherman Municipal Building.

Lujan hasn’t had water at her home in three days.

“So we need to come and get some. You know, because we have to stay home. You know, there’s no other place to go,” Lujan said.

On Thursday, the water treatment plant unfroze and started refilling the system.

City spokesman Nate Strauch says during the rolling blackouts, ONCOR shut off both power sources for the plant.

He says there are still frozen pipes and broken water mains, but most should have water pressure by Friday.

“We know people are frustrated. We know they’ve gone without. We know there’s elderly and folks out there that need oxygen, and all these things and so we’re trying meet those needs,” said Sherman Mayor David Plyler.

But through it all, people are looking out for each other and staying positive.

“You take it all for granted, you know. The little things. You never think you’re going to be without water, for one,” said Stacie Dotson, also in line for water.

“You have to see the good in life. That’s the only way that you can survive these things. You have to see the good in life,” Lujan said.

The city says there’s no timeline for water will be back to normal again. They hope to restore adequate water pressure within 24 hours, but the boil order will still remain in effect.

Strauch says the plant has slowly ramped up production throughout the day with more than 210,000 gallons entering the system every hour.

He says other neighborhoods haven’t seen results because of their specific location or elevation.

He says the major concern is the issue of water main breaks as pressure increases. If you see water bubbling up from the street or if there is significantly more run-off on your block, you can call the city’s 24-hour emergency water line at 903-892-7258.

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