Lone Grove water towers low, city searching for possible pipe leaks

Published: Feb. 19, 2021 at 6:41 PM CST
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Lone Grove, Okla. (KXII) - Lone Grove’s water towers are so low the Department of Environmental Quality asked the city to recommend boiling water before using it.

Code enforcement officer Chris Young said its a recommendation, not a mandate.. He said the pipes aren’t frozen, the city just ran out of water.

“The city of Lone Grove has six wells,” Young said. “Right now one of those wells is down.”

Young said they tried to fill the towers back up overnight, but water demand is just too high. and now the lines are airlocked. He said part of the problem is people running faucets instead of dripping them during the cold weather.

“We’re used to normal usage.” Young said. “When you start turning every faucet on going full blast, that’s a problem.”

The city gave out water at the fire station on Friday. Recipients brought a water or utility bill from Lone Grove.

Lone Grove resident Rose Chaney said she hasn’t had water since Tuesday.

““We haven’t been able to get out,” Chaney said. “We have to ration what we have. I’m just cooking things that don’t require a lot of water.” 

For now, she’s using bottled water.

“I’ve heard that they might not have it fixed for several days,” Chaney said. “I mean I hope they do.”

Young said it wont be easy, the city suspects there’s also a leak they’ll need to find, which is hard with snow covering the ground, and the soil shifting pipes more.

“We’re gonna try to get everything fixed, get it back and running for everybody that way you’ll get back to a normal life,” Young said.

Until then, the city recommends boiling water for two minutes before using it to drink, cook with, or brush teeth.

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