Pottsboro locals and city officials team together to give out water

Published: Feb. 21, 2021 at 11:11 PM CST
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POTTSBORO, Texas (KXII) - After a winter storm swept through much of Texas, many residents are still without water, including the city of Pottsboro in North Texas.

Sunday, hundreds of cars lined up to pick up both water to drink, and for their homes.

“We’ve been without water for almost a week now, it’s been kinda rough on us I can’t lie” said Pottsboro resident Randy Nelson. “You don’t realize how much you miss water until you don’t have no water.”

Nelson was one of hundreds of cars that waited in line for water.

Pottsboro city officials have been distributing water bottles to residents, since they’ve been without it for several days.

“The water is another issue,” said Pottsboro Mayor Frank Budra. “We now have (our) power back, we have heat in our homes and lights, but we get our water from Denison and they’ve been unable to provide water to us.”

Mayor Budra says the town gets their water from neighboring city Denison, but because of freezing temperatures, it’s caused many leaks, and the city has been unable to pressure the system for Pottsboro’s water.

“Leak by leak by leak they’re fixing them, and if they manage to get the system pressurized, then Pottsboro will get water. And then it may start all over again, we have no idea what could happen when our water will get turned back on again,” Mayor Budra said.

“Folks are really needing bottled water at this point, we’ve been without water here in town for several days,” said Pottboro city manager Kevin Farley. “Not only bottled water, but bulk water to flush toilets and things...we’ll continue giving out water as we can get it.”

Locals like Adam Moore have been donating water from private wells to provide water to anyone with a bucke.

“We’re glad to be able to do it. We have been blessed with water and we are close to the community. It’s important to offer what we have so that people can do what they need to do for the day,” Moore said.

The city estimates they’ve donated over 2,000 gallons of water, between bottled and bulk water.    

Around 6 p.m. Sunday night, Pottsboro started receiving water from Denison at one-fourth of the normal rate.

The city expects it to take 24 to 36 hours to fill the storage tanks.

Due to the water outages, Pottsboro ISD will be closed Monday.

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