Bryan Co. teen beaten, sent to hospital by sheriff’s deputy after traffic stop

Published: Feb. 22, 2021 at 10:35 PM CST
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CARTWRIGHT, Oklahoma (KXII) - A Bryan County teen said was beaten unconscious by a Bryan County Sheriff’s Deputy at a traffic stop in Cartwright Sunday night.

Gage Bowman, 16, says he and three other people were in the car and his cousin was driving when they were pulled over two times by a Bryan County Sheriff’s Deputy.

Bowman says it was under suspicion of drunk driving and during the first stop, at Hodge Road in Cartwright his cousin tried to drive away but was pulled over again after a few miles.

They drove to the intersection of Second Street and Highway 91 where Bowman says his cousin put his hands up and reached out the window. That’s when he says the deputy maced his cousin and started hitting him.

“I hopped out the car because I was trying to help him and I was like ‘that ain’t right’,” Bowman said. “As soon as I got close to my cousin I got hit in the face and tackled.”

Bowman says while he was on the ground he was trying to put his hands behind his head when the deputy “pulled one of my arms behind my back so I couldn’t move anything.”

“They were holding my hair and they were hitting me in the face,” Bowman said.

Bowman says he got out of the backseat to help his cousin when the deputy hit him in the face, fracturing his nose, and tackled him. Injuries that sent him to the hospital.

“They didn’t ask me for ID or anything, they didn’t ask me if I was a minor, or whether I was of age or anything,” Bowman said. “They just beat the hell out of me.”

Thomas Huston witnessed the boys after they had been arrested, and during the high speed chase they lead police on after pulling away after being stopped the first time.

“He told them three different times, they had time to get out of the vehicle,” Huston said. “They didn’t comply with the officer, they revved their engine and they ran from him.”

Huston said they lead the officer on a chase down a dead end road and back.

“If you resist arrest you’re going to get slammed that’s just what it is,” Huston said. “Everybody’s trying to say the kid’s a victim but he endangered his life, the officer’s life and the community’s life so he got what he deserved.”

Bowman says he was initially charged with assault and battery but that has been dropped.

Bowman’s cousin and one other person in the car that night were arrested, their charges are unknown.

The Bowman family says they want to see the deputy who hit their son lose his badge and they plan to pursue charges against him.

The Bryan County Sheriff’s Office said this case has been forwarded to the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation for further review.

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