Lake Texoma fishermen weigh in on striper season after winter storm

Published: Feb. 25, 2021 at 9:19 PM CST
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POTTSBORO, Texas (KXII) - Striped bass fishermen are back out on Lake Texoma, where water temperatures dipped down to 42 degrees several days last week.

Those temperatures can be devastating to threadfin shad, a bait fish used for striper fishing.

“They love this temperature, they get really fat and sassy this time of year,” said Striper Express Guide Service Owner Bill Carey. “They put on a lot of weight, and like I said, January-February. we target larger fish.”

The smaller of the species, threadfin shad are sensitive to water under 45 degrees.

“The water hitting the lake in the rain is warmer than the water in the lake,” said Striper Express Pro Fishing Guide Chris Carey. “The water in the lake right now is 39 to 42 degrees. So this will all help, all we need is some to make it. I’m feeling great about it.”

Carey said shad die-offs come around every winter. While the damage from this latest winter storm is yet to be seen, schools of shad are still popping up across Lake Texoma.

“Sometimes you’ll see some skinny fish as the shad population is rebounding but they’re very prolific and breed like crazy,” Carey said.

Fishermen are in the middle of gill net surveys from both sides of the red river to track the populations of all species in the lake.

Judging by the catch from, Carey said a long striper season is all but underway.

“These fish bite year round and we joke with the people up north, ‘while you’re drilling holes in the ice, we’re catching fish,” Carey said.

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