Porch pirate caught on video stealing tire in Sherman

Published: Feb. 26, 2021 at 6:11 PM CST
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SHERMAN, Texas (KXII) - A Sherman couple is out $200 after watching live footage of a thief take a package right off their porch.

It was all caught on their Ring doorbell camera.

The video shows the porch pirate on deck in broad daylight. You can see the man walk up to the porch, take the tire and run.

Deb Shores and her boyfriend weren’t home, but got a Ring alert that someone was at their door, so they watched it happen in real time.

“It’s amazing to literally watch somebody take it off your porch,” Shores said. “Literally to watch it on camera as it’s happening and you can’t, you’re literally helpless.”

Shores and her boyfriend live on North Ricketts Street near Brockett in Sherman.

They were at Academy just before noon on Saturday, when he got a FedEx notification that a replacement tire had been delivered.

Then, he got notified by Ring.

“When he looks at the notification, it’s the guy walking up to the porch taking the tire off the porch,” Shores said.

Her boyfriend called police right after, but it was too late.

“We are zooming to get it and of course, he already got away with it,” Shores said.

They were able to get close-up photos from the surveillance video and file a report with police.

She says the tire is worth $200, and they had to go pick one up in person out of fear of it getting stolen again.

She started changing the address for deliveries to her work instead.

“All my stuff is all messed up and I’ve lost a package in the transfer, and it’s a nightmare,” she said.

On Sunday, Sherman police got a call about a suspicious person, when a caller thought a man and woman on bicycles were looking for packages on porches.

And on Monday, a person called them saying an Ebay item was stolen from his porch.

Shores said she’s gotten several notifications about other porch thefts around town on her Ring app.

Now, they’re left with this question.

“Where do we send our packages? Because we literally are scared to death to send packages to the door now,” Shores said.

Police say to help prevent this, ask the delivery company to hold the package until you can get home or go to their office to pick it up instead.

Also, you could ask a family member or neighbor to get it for you.

This suspect hasn’t been caught, but police say he would face a felony charge for mail theft.

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