Drivers complain of potholes, TXDOT hits the road

Published: Mar. 1, 2021 at 11:29 PM CST
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SHERMAN, Texas (KXII) - Many residents in Grayson County are taking to social media to warn others of potholes they’ve ran over across town.

Some have experienced major damage to their cars, damage like a flat tire or worse.

“He (mechanic) said it may be salvageable, but who knows, we’ll find out in a few days” Huff.

Joe Huff spent his morning at the dealership after he hit a pothole on his daily commute in Sherman.

“I was headed down south (on) 75, and there was a pothole- I was surrounded by cars, I couldn’t really move, I just had to brace for impact” Huff said.

“Next thing I knew, the front tire was flat. It started shaking, I turned my yield lights on and got off at the next exit” he said.

After managing to safely get off the road, he witnessed another car hit the very same pothole he hit.

“I said, same thing happened to you?” Huff said “Her jaw dropped and everything, she was scared. It’s very scary, I mean you’re going at least like 65 mph up there!”

Experts say over time, roads begin to degrade, creating potholes, and after the winter storm hit Texoma, many are noticing several potholes, both in high traffic areas and smaller streets.

The Texas Department of Transportation says they begin working on roads within one day of being reported, if not sooner.

In fact, when chasing down potholes Monday, News 12 ran into crews filling some of the major holes along HWY 75 and it’s access roads.

“Luckily she was fine, I was fine, hopefully no one else got hurt, and hopefully the roads get fixed soon” said Huff.

If there is a pot hole that you know about, you can report it to TXDOT, by clicking here.

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