Pandemic, cancelled stock shows making Texoma Expo Livestock show critical for some

Published: Mar. 2, 2021 at 9:42 PM CST
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DENISON, Texas (KXII) - The pandemic has been just an added challenge for these competitors. With major stock shows in Fort Worth, Abilene and even Houston cancelled participants need stock shows like the Texoma Expo and Livestock Show in Denison to get their livestock sold.

Morgan Stroud and her family brought their pregnant cow, Buttercup, to the expo to show off her breeding capabilitiesn.

“Country people are a dying breed, like there’s not many people who want to do this anymore,” Stroud said. “But without this and without doing this we wouldn’t eat and neither would y’all.”

Breeders like Stroud will make more money from male calves, which become steers before getting sold for their meat. Another heifer, or female, would just add to the herd of breeding cattle.

”You can form a bond with animals but it’s more like protecting something until it’s big enough and strong enough to feed you and provide for you,” Stroud said.

Hoyt Ivey is the superintendent of the expo and live stock show, which has both breeding and market animals on display. They’re broken up into groups based on their end goal.

“For those market animals there’s a time frame where you buy and you feed and there’s a time frame where they’re just not competitive,” Ivey said. “You have to make a call early whether you’re going to participate or not.”

Ivey said for some of the market animals on display like lamb, goat and steers there’s a limited time frame when they’re young when farmers can feed them and show them for purchase.

Because after a certain age for some of the animals they’re not competitive on the market.

Winners this week will get belt buckles, ribbons, prize money and for graduating seniors they’ll have a chance at an annual 500-dollar scholarship.

Anyone from ages 8 to 18 enrolled in a Future Farmers of America program, or through Grayson County’s 4-h youth development programs, can participate.

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