Mead man tracks down his own burglar

Published: Mar. 3, 2021 at 10:28 PM CST|Updated: Mar. 4, 2021 at 12:00 AM CST
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MEAD, Oklahoma (KXII) - A Mead man tracked down his own stolen property Monday, when he arrived to where it was at he also found the thief who took it.

When Jason Young woke up Monday, he found that his truck had been broken into and his glock 19-x and iPad were gone.

“I went out and bought another handgun and got work started,” Young said.

At his work Young used the locator feature on another Apple device to track his iPad.

“It showed only a mile and a half away from my house,” Young said. “My first thought was somebody ditched it in the woods.”

Young saw it pop up in a wooded area off Highway 70 and followed it to the location thinking someone had ditched his things and gone on their way.

“I heard it dinging, because we were sending a noise to my iPad from my work and I walked around the corner and I definitely got a chill down my spine when I walked up on him,” Young said.

As he turned the corner and peered between the trees he realized he was face to face with the thief, Aaron Green, who was squatted behind branches hidden from the highway. Where he’d been for over two hours.

“I walked up and the first thing he asked was ‘is everything alright?’” and I said ‘you’re good, you’re good,’” Young said. “He talked to me a little bit and I talked him down as I was backing away and I told him I was like ‘nah you’re good buddy you’re good’.”

That’s when Young walked back to his car and called 9-1-1.

Green had several different receipts, cards, mail and other items in his possession which lead Young to believe he wasn’t his only victim.

“I had a neighbor, he had his truck broken into and he took a couple knives,” Young said. “I saw a wallet in the bag, I saw a lot of clothes, my iPad was in there, headphones a lot of just random stuff the guy was going around stealing for no reason.”

Young said he saw Green walk about 300 yards before Bryan County Sheriff’s Deputies arrived and arrested him on scene. In that time he suspects Green ditched his glock 19-X.

“He was definitely on some drugs of some sort so I think that was his biggest thing was I spooked him,” Young said.

Green’s specific charges have not been confirmed by the sheriff’s office yet.

Court documents show Green has several outstanding warrants for his arrest dating back to 2019, including several other burglary charges and knowingly concealing stolen property.

Young is offering a $100 reward to anyone who is able to track down his glock 19-x, he was able to recover his iPad.

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