Carter County Junior Livestock Show ends Friday

Published: Mar. 4, 2021 at 6:31 PM CST
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ARDMORE, Okla. (KXII) - The Carter County Junior Livestock Show began Wednesday night at the Hardy Murphy Coliseum. Students in the county have shown sheep, goats, pigs, and cows.

Wilson FFA student Leah Cumpton said it wasn’t about the awards, she loves FFA because they are a family.

“We’re basically a family,” Cumpton said. “Everyone will help each other no matter what it is”

Cumpton started showing goats because her Ag teacher had a goat she thought would do well. Cumpton’s teacher said if she liked it, she could do it again next year. And she did.

“It was a blast and I would definitely do it again,” Cumpton said. “I wish I started sooner.”

Danielle Brooks is also a member of Wilson FFA.

“I started with a goat and then the next year I decided to show cattle cause they were bigger,” Brooks said. “More competition, it would be more fun for me.”

Brooks said a lot of winning is about feed.

“If you feed them too much, they’ll be too big,” Brooks said. “If you feed them too little, they’ll be too skinny. You have to have it just right.”

She said the work isn’t easy.

“You have to wake up every morning and feed and water; you gotta be on time with that,” Brooks said.

Collin Wharton said the hard work is worth it.

“The work you gotta put in, meeting people at shows, just going to them, it’s pretty fun,” Wharton said.

For Wharton, showing is in his blood.

“We got into showing pigs with some of my dad’s friends and then my aunt and mom showed so I decided it would be pretty fun,” Wharton said.

He won Reserve Grand for his Spotted Gilt Wednesday night.

“The judge came over there and gave me a big chest bump after I won,” Wharton said. “About knocked me over. Pretty scary, I didn’t expect it.”

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