Sherman townhome residents report mold, rats at complex being ignored by management

Published: Mar. 5, 2021 at 10:30 PM CST
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SHERMAN, Texas (KXII) - Several tenants at a Sherman townhome complex are fed up with the black mold, rats and water leaks they say predate last month’s winter storm.

They say they’ve told their management and there has been nothing done.

On Thanksgiving of 2019 Kate Palmer called maintenance about a dead rat in her vent and their response was just to turn up the heat.

“My boyfriend and my son had to get a rig, a hangar to get the rat out of our vent, so we could use our heat when it was freezing in our home,” Palmer said.

That’s not even the only rodent encounter at Peppertree Townhomes where Palmer paid $895 a month to live, until Friday. Because she moved out.

She said the company that owns the complex Southwest Management refuses to fix problems in her home.

Palmer has emails of complaints dating back to 2018 that haven’t been addressed and her family was becoming physically ill living in Peppertree Townhomes.

“We started seeing rats in the kitchen and not like little rats, like the size of my arm rats,” Palmer said.

Rats only scratch the surface for Bobbie McDonald who lives at Peppertree Townhomes with her two kids and pays $925 a month.

“I walked in to my bathroom, saw the water was on and it was raining in my kitchen,” McDonald said.

McDonald says she wanted to live in Peppertree Townhomes long enough for her time there to look good on an application, but they forced her hand.

“I called management, they turned off the water, they came over here, pulled the ceiling down, climbed up there, capped off the tab, cleaned it up and said ‘we’ll be back when we get to it,’” McDonald said. “But right now I’m not ready to buy a house but I have to move because we can’t do this. There’s insulation coming down, there’s mold, we’ve been sick, we can’t do this.”

In a Statement to News 12 operations manager for Southwest Management Kyle Wiser says they don’t have the man power to address the issues in all 100 of their units.

He cited the winter storm and the extreme damage the freezing temperature s caused to the pipes as the root cause of these problems.

He says the property is now in phase two of repairs, which consists of fully checking and repairing all plumbing.

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