Colbert citizen calls for answers for unknown fee on water bill

Published: Mar. 8, 2021 at 10:35 PM CST
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COLBERT, Oklahoma (KXII) - One Colbert citizen says she’s been charged a $12 fee on her water bill since the early 2000′s and she has no idea where that money has gone.

Cynthia Davis is calling on the Colbert City Council to open up their meetings, which have been closed to the public since the council voted to do so on March 25 of 2020 because of the pandemic.

The public information officer for Colbert Police said they’re going to continue holding council meetings in a closed door setting for the safety of their members, court clerk and the city clerk who he said are all older and in more “at risk” categories for contracting COVID-19.

This rule will only change with a majority vote by the council, which is comprised of five members.

But Cynthia Davis, who has lived in Colbert since the early 2000′s, is calling on the council to open up meetings to the public to account for the money taken out of her water bill for what the city calls its “water improvement fund.”

“Especially after a crisis like this, they have to be open. We have questions, they deserve to be answered,” Davis said.

Davis was without water for five days after the winter storm hit and is calling for answers from the council.

“I am certain that if they desired to open these meetings up there are churches and other venues that could be utilized so that they could share this information,” Davis said.

It’s unclear how many people in Colbert pay this fee regularly on their water bill. But until further notice, council meetings will remain closed unless there is a majority vote by the council to open them up.

Citizens can still request to speak on the council agenda.

There are currently four acting members on the five person council, one members has contracted COVID-19 and has not been able to attend recent meetings.

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