Sherman neighborhood living in fear with gun range next door

Published: Mar. 8, 2021 at 10:19 PM CST
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SHERMAN, Texas (KXII) - Part of a Sherman neighborhood has been living in fear with a private gun range practically in their backyard.

Two people were nearly shot and on Sunday, a stray bullet went through a couple’s home.

But now, the gun range will be shut down.

It’s news these Austin Landing neighbors have been waiting to hear for more than a year.

Neighbors said they’ll believe it when they see it, since for the past year, they said it’s felt like a war zone.

Both families say they’re pro-guns and pro-Second Amendment, but say there was no control at this gun range and it didn’t have proper barriers.

They said before moving in, the housing development never informed them of a nearby gun range.

Assistant Sherman City Manager Terrence Steele also lives in the neighborhood, and says the property had a gate with a lock, where anyone could go shoot any time.

“We’re terrified to go outside our house,” said Kitty Johnson, who moved in about a year ago.

She said from the start, she heard gunshots pinging off her house and fence.

Six months in, a bullet went right past her ear, and on Sunday, through her kitchen and into her attic, where husband had just been.

“Once I realized what had happened, it was very upsetting,” Johnson said.

Hearing gunfire almost daily, stepping outside in fear.

“Being in fear to start my car to go to work. Yes, it’s been constant,” Johnson said. “To go check the mail you have to decide if they’re shooting guns and if you’re going to be safe to walk down the street and check your mail.”

Something Jason Waller experienced firsthand.

“A round went by close enough to where I instinctively ducked,” Jason said.

Jason and his wife Kristen live across the street with their 14 and 7-year-old sons, who can hardly play outside.

“As soon as I hear rounds go, we go get our kids and pull them inside and that’s just no way to live,” Jason said.

They’ve heard gunshots as early as 4 a.m., throughout the day and as late as midnight.

“I want to feel safe in my neighborhood. I want my kids to be able to play basketball and jump on the trampoline,” Kristen said.

Steele said deputies went to the gun range owner on Monday.

He said the owner claimed he wasn’t aware it had gotten out of hand, but neighbors said they’ve contacted him several times.

Steele said the range has been there for a couple decades, before the neighborhood was built.

Since it’s a private range and outside city limits, it’s legal.

“What is it going to take? One of my kids getting shot, someone dying, someone being killed, is that what it’s going to take for someone to do something?” Kristen said.

Johnson said she filed a report with the Grayson County Sheriff’s Office.

She said the gun range owner agreed to pay to fix her house.

News 12 reached out to him Monday afternoon and hasn’t heard back.

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