A+ Athlete: Brant Stuber, Bonham

Published: Mar. 19, 2021 at 4:44 PM CDT
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BONHAM, Texas (KXII) - This week’s A+ Athlete is Brant Stuber of Bonham High School. If there’s a sport to play in Bonham, you can bet that Brant will be competing.

In baseball, he’s an all district catcher for the Purple Warriors, and in football he can play a number of positions, including quarterback and linebacker. He also plays basketball.

He does it all, and continues to learn every step of the way.

“It’s always been there for me. It’s always been something that I deeply leaned,” said A+ Athlete Brant Stuber. “It’s something that has taught me all the good things about life. The enjoyment of making friends, and eventually becoming family. It’s also set the setbacks in life you experience, and what you have to do to get passe those.”

“Brant is the ultimate competitor,” said Bonham baseball coach John Ramsey. “You can see that, not only in his work effort in practice, but he is one of the kids that is working after practice, before practice, on his own on the weekends. Really working for what he wants to do.”

In the classroom, Brant sets the standard. He has a 5.6 G.P.A. which puts him at number 5 overall in his class. He’s also a member of National Honor Society, he’s a Texas Scholar, and he’s involved in Student council. Competing in every aspect of his life.

“I’m super competitive as it is. I don’t like coming in last,” said Stuber. “Our class is really competitive when it comes to grades. I just like to go out and compete. Have fun with the classmates, and look forward to the further education and what I can do later in life.”

“Definitely makes you feel spoiled to a certain degree,” said Bonham math teacher Chris Dickson. “You don’t have to remind him to stay on task, he’s a self starter. Real motivated. He works well with others, a positive influence. He’s really a model student.”

After high school, Brant hopes to pursue a career in Civil Engineering.

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