Gunter family living between concrete plants, water flooding into their property

Published: Mar. 21, 2021 at 11:37 PM CDT
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GUNTER, Texas (KXII) - Many people who live in Gunter say their fight against up and coming concrete plants isn’t over.

Linda Hunter has lived on her farm on Wall Street Road in Gunter for decades, and she has no plans of leaving.

“There’s no for sale sign out here. We’ve been here since 1928. There’s no for sale sign” Hunter said.

After three concrete plants were built within a mile of her home, and two more plants are currently under construction, including Ameritex, which was met with opposition from residents in June.

“We knew that growth was coming up TX-289 and I always felt like there’s always a place for a farm in the outskirts of town in Texas,” Hunter said.

Her 224 acre property is now surrounded by concrete plants.

She says she can manage the bright lights and noisy streets, but her biggest concern is the flooding of processed water, and they don’t know exactly where it’s coming from.

“I don’t know what’s in the water, (but) I know it can’t be good for my cows!” said Hunter.

Her son Collin says Friday evening, he stumbled across gallons of water, running through their property, and into the nearby creek.

“I have no idea how much volume it was but I’d say it was over a million of gallons of water, in a short amount of time,” Collin said.

He believes the run-off may have possibly gone into lake Ray Roberts.

Collin is supposed to inherit the family farm, but says he feels like the plants are trying to push them out.

“It’s not a great feeling, having to tell your family you might need to switch gears,” Collin said.

The Hunters say they’re not moving, and hope for more communication from surrounding plants in the future.

TCEQ could not be reached for comment.

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