Durant doctor helps deputies arrest man in Florida

Published: Mar. 24, 2021 at 6:37 PM CDT
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DURANT, Oklahoma (KXII) - A Bryan County man has been brought back to Durant, after he fled town to Florida on child rape charges.

Deputies were trying to make arrangements on how to pick him up, when a local doctor stepped in to help, by flying them there in his own plane.

“It’s no trouble for me at all, I enjoy flying, so it’s really no labor. When you can do something you enjoy and help other people, it’s a win-win” said Dr. Whittington.

Dr. Kinion Whittington is a Bryan County native. It’s why he chose to help out the Sheriff’s Department in their arrest of Larenz Bowens.

“They had picked up one of our guys in Panama City, Florida. I guess he was on Spring Break,” said Bryan County Under Sheriff Joey Tucker.

Under Sheriff Joey Tucker says getting to Florida would have taken multiple resources.

“You’re talking vehicle maintenance, gas, hotel rooms, and all the stops along the way, I mean this could have been a four day process to get this guy back,” Tucker said.

“They have to find a jail to put him in over night and all that” Dr. Whittington said. “By flying down there it takes one day, 8 hours. So, it frees up some deputies and saves some tax payer dollars.”

With Dr. Whittington as their pilot, two deputies climbed aboard the 6-passenger Cessna plane Tuesday morning. The crew was able to get Bowens into custody and back to Durant the very same day.

“I think it’s important, we see now in other parts of the country that it’s just not the case. So, I’m just one person of many, who wants to help out when I can” said Dr. Whittington.

As for Bowens, he was arrested on rape charges of a child under fourteen.

“The victims deserve to get their due process in court,” said Under Sheriff Tucker. “Being able to fly to this guy in a matter of hours, it was amazing and it saved us a lot.”

“The Sheriff’s Department is very professional, they were very professional with the inmate, there’s no drama, it’s not con-air, but it’s a good feeling when you can help other folks out” said Dr. Whittington.

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