Grayson County’s first COVID-19 patient fully vaccinated

Published: Mar. 29, 2021 at 5:38 PM CDT
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DENISON, Texas (KXII) - The first man to be hospitalized with COVID-19 in Grayson County is now fully vaccinated.

Exactly one year ago today Esmaeil ‘Essi’ Babaahmadi was fighting for his life on a ventilator, in the hospital, after testing positive for COVID-19.

His wife Vicki says she never thought they’d both be fully vaccinated and making plans for the future.

“I was working as an Uber driver, and one day I felt like I was getting weak,” Babaahmadi said.

Those were the last words he told his wife before he was rushed to the hospital with COVID-19 on March 23.

Doctors told him he’s need a ventilator to help him breath.

“He walked down the stairs on his own accord, I was so shocked, that’s what I remember- just shock,” said Vicki. “I just couldn’t believe it.”

“I mean I was weak, I didn’t remember anything” said Babaahmadi.

Just days later, Vicki would also be admitted to the ICU with COVID-19. For over a month, she worried she would never see her husband of 32 years again.

“It was a very dark time. He was dying; he had heart failure, kidney failure, he was on a ventilator, his lungs were failing” Vicki said.

But on Wednesday April 29, 2020, Essi was released from Texoma Medical Center.

And from there he went immediately into rehab.

“He had to learn how to eat, how to walk, stand up, go to the bathroom, he was 100 percent debilitated- I mean that virus effected every one of his organs” Vicki said.

In an interview with News 12 on April 30, 2020, Babaahmadi said: “Just keep going, keep going.”

Vicki says the months of recovery went by so quick.

“What we did, besides stay home, was doctors appointments. Doctors appointments, physical therapy and walking. We’ve really seen our environment here in Denison and Texoma. We’ve walked around the lakes, and the parks” said Vicki.

As of Tuesday, both of them are fully vaccinated.

“The vaccine is here, we’re being liberated” Vicki said.

“I got the Moderna, and I was excited for that. Obviously with the situation, I said I hope I get the vaccine quick” said Essi.

Essi tells me he still struggles with some things, like catching his breath after talking a lot and some issues with his memory.

Vicki says she worries they may never feel fully recovered from the virus, but the vaccine is a good start.

Vicki says nothing could compare to what they experienced with COVID-19.

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