Oklahoma House passes transgender ban bill for women’s sports

Published: Apr. 20, 2021 at 8:54 PM CDT
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OKLAHOMA CITY, Oklahoma (KXII) - Senate Bill 2 which is aimed at banning transgender girls from girls sports teams, has passed the Oklahoma House.

State rep for Atoka, Bryan, Choctaw and Pushmataha counties, Justin Humphrey was taking heat just last week for a remark he made about transgender people having, “a mental illness,” he said.

He helped revive this bill that would ban someone who was born as a male ‚who now identifies as a female, from playing women’s sports.

This bill is now on its way to the senate, if it passes there, it lands on the governor’s desk.

“We stood together and got this passed, it’s a big win for Oklahoma, it’s a big win for the women of Oklahoma.”Humphrey

Monday, the Oklahoma House passed Senate Bill 2, that would ban transgender women from playing in women student athletic sports.

It was first introduced back in November as a school finance bill, but after months of revisions, has transformed into what supporters call the save women’s sports act.

District 87 is in Oklahoma City, its representative, Collin Walke, voted against the bill.

He said he is worried about the implications it could have on the state’s commerce.

“Not just from the perspective of the NCAA withdrawing their events but also as well as seeking outside investments from other states because a lot of companies don’t want to move to Oklahoma given its perception as being anti- LGBTQ which as we certainly appears that way,” Walke said.

The women’s College Softball World Series is held in Oklahoma City each year and brings in around $20 million.

Although Walke is nervous for how this bill will affect that event and other N-C-A-A events, Humphrey is not concerned.

“They make profits by being here so if they want to do away with their profits don’t let the door hit them on their ass on the way out of Oklahoma,” Humphrey said.

The house voted 73-19 to pass the bill.

“It’s quite frankly a black eye and a risk that the state of Oklahoma doesn’t need to take when we are trying to build our economy,” Walke said.

“I will guarantee you I’m gonna fight for what’s right, I’m going to fight for what our district believes in for the rights of women, for the rights of equality,” Humphrey said.

Senate Bill 2 is currently waiting for the senate to pick it up, depending on what the senate decides will either make its way to Governor Kevin Stitt’s desk to sign for approval, or have to wait until the next session for further discussion.

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