Petition for Denison senior who lost his life to cancer to be remembered at graduation

Published: Apr. 21, 2021 at 10:30 PM CDT
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DENISON, Texas (KXII) - A petition for a Denison student who lost his life to cancer freshman year is circling around to have his life celebrated with his senior class at this year’s graduation.

Friends and classmates are trying to celebrate and keep Zachary Alvarez’s memory going, by having a chair laid out for him and by having his picture flash up on the football screen during graduation so he could also take part in this celebration.

“We’ve gone through every step it takes to honor him in every way and we really carried him throughout high school with us so we just feel like it would be really important to continue that all the way through the end,” friend of Zacharly Alvarez Abby Errico said.

Abby Errico and Katherine Hodge are just two seniors of this year’s Denison High School senior class, they were a part of Zachary Alvarez’s friend group before he passed away freshman year to Leukemia.

“We are wanting this to be for any future graduates that pass away, we want them to have a spot at graduation and be able to be honored by their classmates,” Hodge said.

Hodge created a petition for Zach to be remembered at their school’s graduation with the rest of his classmates.

Errico went to the Denison high school principal with the idea for Alvarez and after he said no, the petition was created and the two went before the school board Tuesday night.

The Public Information Coordinator for Denison ISD, Brian Eaves, spoke about the meeting and and said, “the school administration is currently exploring options for honoring Zach’s memory during the high school graduation ceremony, a specific plan has not been determined at this time….”

“I think the goal is just to show that this wasn’t just a few high school students that cared about their friend that passed away that this was more of a not only a community wide thing but to set a new precedent for the future and just to show how many people did truly care about this and that it wasn’t something that wasn’t going to go unnoticed,” Errico said.

“And we have been told over and over again that graduation is the seniors night and if it’s going to be our night then we want to honor our classmate that we lost,” Hodge said.

Laurie Alvarez, Zach’s mom, wanted to let the Denison High School class of 2021 know how appreciative that they are and how the family is proud of them and knowing that Zach is smiling down.

The petition currently has over 18 hundred signatures.

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