Gordonville man’s truck stolen out of his driveway

Published: Apr. 22, 2021 at 9:50 PM CDT
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GORDONVILLE, Texas (KXII) - James Crumpton always fires up his one ton, 1984 Chevrolet wrecker before he starts his day.

But April 7 when he came out to take it to work, it was gone.

“I brought my gun out because I keep it in the house and I brought it out because I bring it to work everyday,” Crumpton said. “I turned around, walked back in the house, got my coffee and my truck was gone.”

Crupmton said he has to start the truck up and lets it run because it’s so old. The wrecker is white with pink flames on the front bumper and sides has about 267 thousand miles on it and an Ellis Auto Salvage Wreck Yard number on the side.

“I just want my truck back,” Crumpton said. “At this point I could care less about charges or trying to have anybody arrested or anything.”

Inside the truck was a Torus 9 mm pistol, a checkbook and about $1,200 in cash. Grayson County sheriff’s deputies responded to Crumpton’s call that day.

On the back of each quarter panel of the truck is Foghorn Leghorn holding a fire extinguisher.

“A lot of people don’t know what Foghorn is, it’s a chicken we used to watch when we were kids,” Crumpton said. “It’s not right for people to take any vehicle but the ones they’ve been taking here lately people use for work everyday.”

Crumpton bought the truck for a $5,700 three years ago and put a new big block motor in it.

One man told Crumpton that he saw it go across the Willis Bridge April 7 around 8:30 am or 9. April 8 someone posted on social media that they had seen the truck driving east on Main Street in Durant.

On April 11 a man reached out to Crumpton as well saying they saw the truck on the 8th around W Arkansas St. and 1st St. in Durant.

Crumpton says he will give a monetary reward to anyone who can retrieve the truck.

Another truck owner reached out to Crumpton after his initial post to tell him his truck was stolen in Whitesboro on April 16 on Roland Road.

Crumpton is asking anyone who may have seen the truck, or has any information to reach him on his cell 903-337-5909 and contact the Grayson County Sheriff’s Office.

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