Drone flying over Jeff Lowe’s property leaves neighbor’s son injured

Published: Apr. 29, 2021 at 10:29 PM CDT
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LOVE COUNTY, Oklahoma (KXII) - After a drone flew over Jeff and Lauren Lowe’s property on Tuesday, a fight broke out between Lowe and his neighbor’s son.

The cops were called to Jimbo Road in Thackerville on Tuesday after Jeff and Lauren Lowe saw a drone flying over their property and a camera crew outside, after that words were exchanged, and so were punches.

{911 Call } “Love County dispatch…. hi it’s Lauren Lowe well we found out who was flying the drone over at Tiger King Park and one of the guys is attacking my husband… " 911 Call

Carole and Howard Baskin were in Thackerville Tuesday afternoon visiting David and Barbara Murdock, neighbors of Jeff and Lauren Lowe who have moved the Tiger King’s Park to Love County.

The Baskin’s drone operator was flying their drone over Lowe’s property to check in on how the animals are being treated.

“I don’t know why it’s a big deal, we are just trying to monitor the conditions at the zoo,” Baskin said.

Baskin said they were visiting friends and walking along their property when they saw Jeff and Lauren Lowe at the fence line separating the two properties.

“Jeff and Lauren were down there by their fence and of course as usual nonsensical childish behavior started yelling and screaming,” Baskin said.

Once the Lowe’s noticed a drone flying over their property they got in their white range rover and drove down Jimbo Road where they encountered the Murdock’s son, David Murdock Junior.

{911 call } “Yeah it’s David Murdock’s son that’s attacking on the road and we found out that it is Carol Baskin and Howard Baskin that are flying the drone.” 911 Call

Jeff Lowe can be heard on the 911 call getting in an argument with Murdock as his wife Lauren urges him to stop.

{911 call “stop Jeff stop! }

But the two didn’t stop.

Thackerville’s Police Chief said the two blame each other for starting the fight, and both men had injuries.

“I got it handled… ok do you want an officer to come out and make a report on this… you know what sure lets do that… ok.” 911 Call.

Love County District Attorney’s office got the report Thursday morning but no charges have yet been pressed on either Murdock Jr. or Lowe.

“This tells you who he is, he’s a jackass,” Baskin said.

Howard Baskin said Jeff Lowe flies drones over their property in Florida all the time.

In fact, Lowe has encouraged people on Facebook to fly drones over the Baskin’s property.

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