Coach Simmons Park unveiled in honor of 31 year Howe ISD teacher

Updated: May. 15, 2021 at 5:56 PM CDT
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HOWE, Texas (KXII) - The park on Summit Hill Parkway was unveiled this afternoon.

It was named after Coach Steve Simmons who taught in the Howe ISD for 31 years…

“It was after he started talking was when I realized are they going to put my name on that sign then I realized what they were doing and there it is,” Simmons said.

Simmons thought it was going to be named “Dynamite Divisions,” a name for a group of students he taught, but the Mayor of Howe wanted to surprise him with the unveiling.

“I’m thankful to this town and everything this community has done for me and my family and it’s priceless to see my name associated with Howe Texas in anyway it means a lot to me it’s very important very special,” Simmons said.

Howe ISD staff, former students, and any community members that knew Simmons came out to show support for the former teacher.

“There is so much love for Coach Simmons that yeah if you say you’re going to honor him there is going to be a lot of people show up,” Director of Economic Development City of Howe, Monte Walker said.

The park was built in 2016, but Saturday was the first time the park got an official name.

Simmons has been a teacher for around 40 years, and after his time in the marines and learning a few chants, he brought those chants back, and taught them to his students, while naming each grade a different division.

“When anyone hears the name Coach Simmons, first thing they think about is Howe Texas, and when you think about Howe Texas one of the first thing you think about is Coach Simmons,” Walker said.

“We are highly motivated truly dedicated rough tough can’t get enough Howe Bulldogs arg,” Simmons said.

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