Lake Texoma levels on the rise with rain in the forecast

Updated: May. 14, 2021 at 10:27 PM CDT
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(KXII) - Lake Texoma water levels are right about where they need to be this time of year with floodgates releasing about 22 thousand cubic feet of water per second downstream.

With rainfall in the forecast the assistant lake manager said they might dial back on the water they’re releasing downstream, and could possibly cut off the flow completely by Monday.

“We’re going to continue this week with some sort of a spill out of our flood gates,” said Lake Texoma Assistant Lake Manager Tommy Holder. “We may dial that back some either tomorrow or Sunday depending on the lake levels.”

Holder said they’re trying to reach a lake level of 619 feet beginning June 1 while the current level sits at 619.3 feet.

“After the rainfall last week we had to let a significant amount spill water through our flood gates because our pool was getting to be about 620 elevation,” Holder said. “We tried to run some water through the flood gates and bring the lake levels back down.”

With rain in the forecast, they’ve slowed the spill for now with anticipation that the lake will fill up more this weekend.

“I suspect that we may have to dial that back some,” Holder said. “But when the lake is at the pool that it is now, it’s just a prime opportunity for the local businesses.”

Lake goers say the current conditions are ideal, and hazards are at a minimum.

“There’s parts of the lake that have tree stumps and things that you wouldn’t see because of the lake level where it’s at right now,” said Brandon Waters, who comes to Lake Texoma nearly every weekend to boat and fish. “But if it’s down like it was previously you may hit a tree stump that you didn’t know was there.”

Waters said the higher lake levels mean better fishing and less chances of beaching your boat and ruining a good time.

“You can dig it out or if you’ve got someone that can pull you out, buddies around or you can call somebody for a tow,” Waters said.

Richard McClure said he damaged the propeller on his boat hitting shrapnel in the water years ago when lake levels were lower. He said as a boater, the depth finder on board is your best friend.

“When the surface starts coming up you look to make sure you’re in the right path to make sure you don’t hit bottom,” McClure said.

With rain in the forecast Holder said they plan to close the lake’s flood gates Monday, to prevent flooding downstream from the lake.

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