Durant grow house burglarized

Updated: May. 17, 2021 at 10:35 PM CDT
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DURANT, Oklahoma (KXII) - Two armed men broke in and stole around seven to ten pounds of marijuana from a Durant grow house last month.

One man with a mask over his face, and another man can be seeing breaking into the Trinity Cannafarm Grow House in Durant with guns drawn.

“They just knew it was a grow, scoped it out for awhile and made their move,” said head grower and CEO Aaron Holton. “Sometimes we’re up here trimming in the middle of the night or we’re up here trimming in the middle of the night and it could have been bad.”

Holton said the men first tried breaking in through the window on the side of the building but couldn’t get past the steal bars. So they chose to go through the front of the building.

“Many people saw them doing it, whether they called or not, that’s a different story,” Holton said.

The two men filled garbage bags up with the marijuana buds, in and out within five minutes with around $20 thousand worth of product and $2 thousand cash.

They were able to bust through wooden shutters on the front on the building with a crowbar. From there, they broke through the glass window and were able to get inside the store.

Holton has filed a report with the Durant Police Department and they are investigating.

Holton said the window the two men broke through was fixed Monday and he plans to upgrade his alarm system which he said had been chewed through by rodents.

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