One year later, friends and family remember ‘Durant Four’

Updated: May. 25, 2021 at 10:50 PM CDT
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DURANT, Okla. (KXII) - Friends and family of the four Durant boys killed in an accident when their car was struck by a drunk driver got together on Tuesday, but they didn’t want to talk about Bradley Shawn Pittman.

They said the story is about the boys they lost, one year ago.

Friends and family released balloons in memory of Durant High schoolers Kaleb Foster, Jack Sarver, Fernando Flores and Hunter Ford.

Four of their friends decided they wanted to do something in the memory of their best friends.

They have been planning this balloon release for months now to keep their legacy alive and to remind the community about the costly effects of drunk driving.

“It’s our best friends we want to be here and we will always be here and all of our friends we come together as a community and get it done,” friend of Durant four Neely Rogers said.

Neely Rogers, Dylan Nelson, Faith Hilburn, and Trevor Ross are missing half of their group.

They were all best friends with the four Durant boys that lost their lives to a drunk driver last Memorial Day weekend.

So, on the first anniversary of their passing, they planned a balloon release at the site of where the accident happened.

“We just really organized this whole thing because we want to show the after affects of what drunk driving does to people and what destructive decisions do, I mean none of this would have happened if that man never made that decision that night, one year ago today.” Nelson

Friends and family released balloons, passed out shirts with the boys names and faces on them, and gave gifts to the boys’ parents.

“I think any time that our boys are remembered it just means the world to us and I know the impact that they had on all the students lives you know, they made a difference in their lives and it’s an amazing feel to know that they care and that they remember,” Ford said.

Sabrina Ford is Hunter Ford’s mom, she said having these moments with the community helps the hurt that she has been feeling for the past year.

“Being here is hard but at the same time, honoring them and their memory is what’s the most important thing so I think we can do hard things and we do them,” Ford said.

Rogers said the monument is something she comes to visit all the time to feel connected again with her friends, hoping to heal.

“I come here and I talk to the boys, Dylan does, we all do, I mean it’s a really good sanctuary to come to and find peace and talk to them and be able to reunite yourself and feel a part of them,” Rogers said.

Today is also Durant High School graduation, a day that Kaleb Foster would have walked the stage.

Pittman’s federal jury trial is set for July.

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