Pump Track Racing comes to Paris

Updated: May. 28, 2021 at 10:49 PM CDT
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PARIS, Texas (KXII) -Pump Track Racing is a young and growing sport that has made it’s way to Paris, Texas this weekend for the Red Bull UCI World Championships Qualifier.

“Here we got mountain bikes vs BMX bikes on this really high pace course.” said Aaron Cooke, Velosolutions Race Director. “It’s super technical, it’s got large asphalt berms, big jumps.”

On Friday, riders had the chance to get in a few practice runs on the pump track at the Love Civic Center. On Saturday, they’ll try and navigate the course, and finish with the fastest time.

“The rider that’s going to win tomorrow is going to be able to keep their momentum up through all the different obstacles and turns,” said Cooke. “It’s all about momentum because it’s timed run that breaks down to a thousands of a second.”

Shealen Reno is a native of Paris and has been to the last two World Championships. She said she comes to the track once a week to practice.

“The track is really technical,” Reno said. “It’s short but it’s tight and it has corners where you least expect them. It’s going to be really mental.”

Reno qualified for this year’s World Championships last weekend in Arkansas.

The top four finishers in the men’s and women’s group will get an invite to the World Championships in Europe later in October. Those that finish first will get to travel to Europe, all expenses paid.

“Currently there’s over 25 qualifiers world wide. We’re doing four qualifiers in the U.S.,” said Cooke.

“Man it’d be a dream,” rider Andrew Garza said. “I’ve been working really hard for this moment. So, it’d really really nice to see myself come out on top with a win.”

Saturday is reserved for those attempting to qualify for the world championships but Sunday is focused on the future riders of the sport.

“We are taking riders as young as seven years old and we even got a mom and dad class that’s for 35 and over,” Cooke said. “So this weekend’s going to be an awesome weekend. It’s just going to be a little bit of a festival.”

Cooke said what makes Pump Track unique is the venue and track is available to use all year long.

“So any local can come out here and practice pretty much seven days a week and get their skills up,” said Cooke. “You just never know where the future champions are going to come from. The next one might just be from right here i n Paris, Texas.”

The event is free to anyone that wants to come out and watch both Saturday and Sunday.

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