WATCH: Man drifts away on boat due to high water

Updated: Jun. 9, 2021 at 9:03 PM CDT
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FORT TOWSON, Oklahoma (KXII) - New videos of the flooding near Raymond Gary Lake in Fort Towson, Oklahoma shows a man getting swept away from the shore in his boat.

The man eventually had to call for help, but he made it out okay.

Andrew Potter, a Choctaw County Game warden, said heavy rain can cause flooding in Fort Towson, but rarely do the levels get this high.

Potter said the man was trying to protect his property from the rising waters, but that decision could have cost him his life.

Potter told News 12, the man was rescued and brought back to shore with no injuries.

Biologists who were out on the lake say the water was about four feet above normal.

Potter stresses the importance of safety when water levels can be that high on the lake.

He said although some boat docks, boats and other buildings were threatened, or even ruined by the flooding, nothing is ever worth risking your safety.

“Didn’t have more instances of people trying to go out and grab ahold of things with boats and try to fight that current that came through cause that power of water it’s it doesn’t take but just a split second decision to change and end up in more damage or a drowning and at the end of the day a dock or a boat isn’t worth somebody drowning over,” Potter said.

Potter said the water has receded to about a foot above normal, still high, but he said it is less dangerous.

Even still, if it’s above normal, Potter said you shouldn’t go swimming, and you should take extra care to be sure everything is anchored down.

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