Grayson County DA’s office honors family of 5-year-old boy, killed in Denison drive-by

Updated: Jun. 15, 2021 at 7:45 PM CDT
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SHERMAN, Texas (KXII) - Tuesday in Commissioner’s Court, the Grayson County District attorney’s office did something they’ve never done before. They recognized a Denison family, for their courage, during nearly four years of a high profile case involving the murder of their five year old son.

“At the end of the day, these kids took another child’s life,” said mother Shaniea Smith.

It started with a dispute over a $20 bag of marijuana between high school students. Antonio Prado and Ryan Clay were convicted of firing several shots into Brandon Powell’s home in Denison, one of the bullets hit his 5-year-old, Kason another his 11-year-old brother, Zaquavian.

“I hope that they can find a way to honor Kason, and get their lives back on track. I hope they take the time to really reflect. Long story short, I do think that justice was served, in the best way possible,” Smith said.

Zaquavian survived. Kason did not.

“Once I was by myself, things had kind of calmed down, it really hit me. There’s no summer vacations with Kason for me. There’s no planning for summer camp anymore. There’s no getting ready for the 3rd grade. Studying for benchmarks.. there is none of that for me. And I think that’s the hard part that people don’t see,” Smith said.

Kason’s mother, Shaneia Smith, was honored with Grayson County’s first ever courage award.

“It’s such a neat award, it’s so nice,” Smith said. “We’re just so thankful to the DA’s office, they’ve been with us for almost four years now.... I’ll never forget, I don’t remember his name, but when Kason passed away in the hospital, a sheriff came up to me and he told me he would find the people responsible, and we would get justice, and we did.”

Along with Smith, and Zaquavian’s mom Crystal and father Brandon Powell ... were also recognized.

“It is closing a chapter, putting this part behind us. But of course, for us, as the parents. That night, those memories of it, will always be with us. We are learning how to deal with it better and to move on in the best way that we can. " / powell

“Be cautious of the things you do. Think first before you act. Your actions might just change your life. Don’t be so quick to act, just because someone has made you mad.” // crystal Powell

LL: District Attorney Brett Smith says they’ll continue to give out courage awards in the future, because they want to set the standard for the relationship between the justice system and victims of violence. RP in sherman nq news 12.

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