Whitesboro police looking for suspects in string of car burglaries

Published: Jun. 22, 2021 at 6:17 PM CDT
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WHITESBORO, Texas (KXII) - Whitesboro police say they’re looking for the suspects involved in a string of car burglaries of the past several weeks. Where they’ve happened, and what police say could prevent the break-ins.

Whitesboro police chief Scott Taylor said they’ve seen a string of car burglaries over the past month.

“There’s a group of 3 or 4 males in a vehicle going around through residential areas, they’re checking unlocked cars for anything of value that you leave inside the cars They’ve gotten 3 guns, quite a few purses, electronics,” said Taylor.

They’ve been all around Grayson County, in Whitesboro, Collinsville and Oak Ridge. Taylor said they believe it’s the same group of young men.

“What they’re doing by being 3 or 4 people in a crime like that it’s considered organized criminal activity. And the extent they’re going into that’s what their charge would be,” said Taylor.

The suspects aren’t breaking into vehicles, but stealing out of unlocked vehicles. They’re still looking for the suspects, and have released this surveillance video of one suspect.

“We have a video, one a real good video of one of the males that went to get into a car. We have videos of the two, three males that are going from car to car. It shows them systematically checking every vehicle to see if they’re unlocked,” said Taylor.

Taylor said if you see suspicious activity, report it to police right away.

“A lot of times people wait till the next day to report suspicious activity, but all police departments most of the time are open 24 hours a day and we like to investigate that activity when it occurs,” said Taylor.

But the best way to prevent being the next victim is to lock your car.

“Leave their vehicles locked. If you’re not going to leave a hundred dollar bill on the seat of your car I sure wouldn’t leave cell phones and things like that,” said Taylor.

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