Atoka County boy left in ditch after being hit by pick up while riding his 4-wheeler

Published: Jun. 24, 2021 at 6:22 PM CDT
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ATOKA COUNTY, Oklahoma (KXII) - Haskell Rhodes was riding his 4-wheeler Sunday evening when he was hit from behind by a pick up truck and left in a ditch just down the street from his house.

He is now recovering at home, but still pretty banged up.

It all happened a little after 6 p.m. on Sunday.

Rhodes doesn’t remember how long he was lying in the ditch but he does remember talking to that driver.

“I walked up to their pick up and I asked them, can y’all go get my mom and dad, they handed me a bottle of water then took off,” Rhodes said.

That’s what 13 -year-old Haskell Rhodes remembers from Sunday night.

Haskell was driving around 30mph and landed in the ditch on the opposite side of the road.

“Nothing really hurt I just, when I got up there and I seen that bumper I put my hand towards my head and I seen blood all over my hand,” Rhodes said.

When asking the driver and passenger of the truck to get his parents they drove off after giving him a bottle of water.

Luckily one of Haskell’s friends was driving by and took him to his house.

“He was going down the road and he had seen the pick up stop and talk, he thought we were just talking and then the pick up took off and he seen the pick up pass me then he seen me cover in blood,” Rhodes said.

When walking in to greet his family, no words were exchanged just disbelief of what they were seeing and then they were rushing to the hospital.

“I didn’t have nothing go through my mind I just seen him and put him in the car,” Haskell’s mom, June Rhodes said.

Haskell is suffering from a concussion, broken nose, stitches in both arms and head, and road rash all over his body.

“He was covered in blood he’s in a neck brace, he’s going for CT’s at the hospital and the only thing he said was “I have to get my fenders fixed,” June Rhodes said.

Haskell dug ditches, cleaned up brush, and rebuilt vintage honda three wheelers to earn roughly $4,000 for his 1988 250X honda collector 4-wheeler and is the thing he cares most about.

“All I really want is my 4-wheeler fixed that’s what I’m really worried about,” Haskell said.

Haskell’s parents said they are thankful and blessed that he’s alive.

Haskell’s dad, Andy Rhodes, just wants the driver and the female passenger in the car to come forward, he just wants to know why they did what they did and why they could leave his son in a ditch.

Atoka County Sheriff Tony Head said this is an ongoing investigation.

Haskell said he wasn’t wearing a helmet as he drives his 4-wheelers every day, but after that incident, he’ll be wearing his helmet.

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