Local politician voices opinion on what could have been new voter law

Oklahoma Senator Lankford voices opposition on S. 1 "For The People Act of 2021"
Oklahoma Senator Lankford voices opposition on S. 1 "For The People Act of 2021"(kxii)
Published: Jun. 23, 2021 at 10:18 PM CDT
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OKLAHOMA CITY, Oklahoma (KXII) - S.1 “For The People Act of 2021” bill, would have changed the way voters turn in their ballots for elections.

Oklahoma Senator James Lankford, who was very vocal about his opposition of the bill, called it radical and warned about how easy it would be to cheat with this in place.

“The most common communication that I hear from democrats is this is a voting rights bill, the most common thing I hear from republicans this is by far not a voting rights bill, this is a take over of elections,” Senator Lankford said.

S.1 “For the People Act of 2021” was passed in the house of representatives but the vote was blocked altogether by a filibuster in the senate on Tuesday.

The bill expanded voting registration and access and also talked about election integrity and security.

Democratic lawmakers say it was a federal answer to many new state-level ballot restrictions passed this year.

“This is not about protecting the right to vote, we have the right to vote in America and need to protect that, that is already protected in federal law, this is radically changing our reliability and verifiability of our elections so that we would no longer be able to verify an election, it would make it easy to vote but it would also make it easy to cheat and impossible to verify,” Senator Lankford said.

Lankford said the bill gutted voter ID laws, by allowing people not in the country legally to vote.

He also said allowing unlimited ballot harvesting, something included in the bill, would make it possible for political parties to collect ballots.

Lankford said that would make it easy to cheat.

“This bill is not about protecting from voter suppression this bill is about radically federalizing all of our elections and every single state losing its right to be able to have their own voting laws and to be able to make sure that those voting laws work for the people of that state\,” Senator Lankford said.

Lankford said worst of all, the bill would have made elections a more federal matter.

He said he remains firmly opposed to any legislation that takes elections out of the hands of Oklahomans.

Both the Oklahoma State House and Senate passed resolutions in opposition of the ‘For The People’ act when it was introduced in March, but the Governor did not sign any new voter restrictions this session.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott announced on Tuesday a special legislative session that will begin next month.

Although he hasn’t specified what will be on the agenda, voter reform is expected to be on it after Texas Democrats walked out of House chambers in May, running out the clock for a vote on that legislation.

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