Driver runs over cow on SH-56 in Southmayd

Published: Jun. 25, 2021 at 9:45 PM CDT
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SOUTHMAYD, Texas (KXII) - A driver ran over a cow that was standing in the middle of State Highway 56 in Southmayd around 10 pm Thursday.

It happened on the 20000 block of the highway.

The video was captured by a Southmayd police officer who happened to be driving behind the person who hit the cow.

The police report states there was “major damage to the front of the vehicle.”

The driver and the passenger both sustained minor injuries and airbags deployed on impact.

“A lot of the serious accidents come from trying to avoid the cows and losing control, you hit a tree, or you hit another car,” said Grayson County Sheriff’s Office Captain Harvey Smitherman. “It’s a problem in every county, because the counties usually have all the farmland and have cattle.”

According to a Southmayd city ordinance, large livestock, including cattle have to be kept in an enclosure with walls or fencing at least four feet high and that they have at least 21-thousand seven hundred eighty square feet -- or a half acre--- of pasture to roam.

That’s only if you have one, for every additional large live stock animal they must have one more acre of space per animal to graze.

In Southmayd, it is illegal for a person who owns livestock to let them out of their fenced area.

But when they get loose the owners are on the hook for damages.

“You’re responsible for your cattle, and moreso it’s a civil liability,” Smitherman said. “So even if you don’t face any criminal, you could still face a civil suit.”

Southmayd Police have not determined the owner of the cow. The cow’s body was removed from the roadway and back to the pasture.

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